'Share, care and be fair'

COLE  International Schools  is renowned for being a fun, creative, social, familiar, non-confessional, safe and loving place for children to grow and learn English/German in, as well as being known as a place for 'academic' learning. We believe in promoting each child's individual potential and academic knowledge, be they languages, arts, mathematics, music or in the sciences and to support and help each child develop ALL their skills - be they fine and gross motor skills, social and community skills, literacy and academic thinking and questioning from an early age on. Read for yourself what previous families have had to say - remember to scroll down. 

Parents Testimonials | Cole International Schools, Austria

Besides the usual learning by playing, outdoor activities, socialising, events, outings, courses, British curriculum, over 30 years of experience and much more, our goal is to encourage, support, nurture and actively help each child develop their full potential.  Although we incorpoarate materials from Montessori and other established methodologies, we are not an 'alternative' private school.



The same philosophy applies to ALL COLE school levels, whereby the Primary and Secondary schools promote in particular natural sciences, innovative research and DT, business and political studies - depending on the age group, and English, of course.

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