'Share, care and be fair'

About the Schools

Welcome to COLE International Schools in Innsbruck, situated amidst the serene Nordkette mountain landscape.

Note from the founder:

COLE International Schools’ motto: Share, care and be fair.'

We endeavour to instill in our students an explorative curiosity, a hunger for learning, academic excellence, admirable morals and ethics, and a sense of local, regional, national and global responsibility.

A note from the founder:

'Education is the highest form of trust.' (R. E. Ladner-Cole, 2011).

‘We need to look at education in its totality to understand how influential it is to our global well-being. From the cradle to the grave we are continuously learning - actively and passively. How and what we learn ultimately affect our actions within society – locally, regionally, nationally and globally. In order to trust our children to make the ‘right’ choices for the benefit of the global community we must provide an educational background that is not only academic, but also helps them become well-educated thinkers and questioners with high standards of morals and ethics. We must then trust them to use this education wisely. Only then will we have achieved our purpose as teachers.’

‘An ethically and academically well-educated population is unconquerable.’

(R. E. Ladner-Cole, 2014)


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