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About the School

Welcome to COLE International Schools in the beautiful city of Innsbruck, situated amidst the serene Nordkette mountain landscape.

Some of the most important decisions parents have to make in their lives concern the education of their children. That is why we recommend arranging a personal appointment with us so that we can take our time to show you the schools and discuss our educational programme with you. We understand that this is not possible for those parents who are coming from abroad. Here we recommend a telephone and/or email conversation. We are happy to help you in any way we are able to.

COLE International Schools are non-denominational, English and German speaking, private schools and are open to children of all denominations, nationalities and languages. We offer a happy and safe environment with qualitative, academic and science-orientated, bi-lingual (English/German) education for children aged 3 to 10.

Children are not required to speak English and/or German to be accepted!

Our goal - to turn today’s children into happy, responsible, academically well-educated, globally thinking and ethical adults of tomorrow.

Relocating to Innsbruck?

Are you relocating to Innsbruck? Do you require help and assistance with everyday issues such as your child's education, infrastructure, housing and so forth? We know that coming from abroad and settling into a new environment can be difficult. We are here to help the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Write to our Innsbruck relocation office at: admin@cole.at

Our motto: 'The future is mobile and global'.

If your company is registered with us the information and assistance you require from us is free of charge. If your company is not registered with us, but you would still like information and/or assistance let us know what help you require and we will be happy to send you a quote.

All downloads can be found under 'Admissions' -'Fees'.

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