'Share, care and be fair'

The COLE schools began in 1989 when Rosie Ladner-Cole opened ‘COLE English Playgroups’ in her Innsbruck home. Originally aimed at Austrian children aged 3 to 6 it soon attracted children from all over the world whose families were living near and around the vicinity. Afternoon English courses for children aged 6 to 10 were soon introduced and ‘COLE English Playgroups’ became ‘COLE English Centre for Kids’. 

Over the years the centre grew, and with it the building in Innsbruck. The Pre-school and Primary School then originally moved into a building outside of Innsbruck.

After the school board unexpectedly changed hands 6 months later disparities,  quickly arose, board members spread lies about COLE and its founder Rosemarie Lander-Cole. These board members' attitudes were sadly found to no longer be compatible with the philosophy, principle work ethics and high morals as set out by 'COLE International Schools' licensor who could no longer justify a cooperation. All ties were severed. These board members have continued spreading lies about the founder and COLE International Schools - also claiming that COLE had changed its name. This is untrue. COLE exists independently of any other schools and any other claims are defaming and liabel.

COLE International Schools returned to its original building in Innsbruck, Weingartnerstrasse 108, in February 2023 to continue its much-loved, well-renowned academic Pre-school (E) and prepare for the re-opening of the original Primary School.

Plans are in place for a bi-lingual primary and secondary school with emphasis on English and STEM subjects. 


In 2015 the name and trademark for any and all COLE education projects of all types became 'COLE International Schools' and resumed under licence. Licensor: Rosemarie E. Ladner-Cole, MA. Contact: admin@cole.at

‘My aim has always been to channel children’s natural curiosity into a positive learning experience – to encourage academic learning in all subjects as well as promote tolerance, empathy, morality and good manners.’ R.E. Ladner-Cole, MA  (1989)


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