'Share, care and be fair'


The COLE schools began in 1989 when Rosie Ladner-Cole opened ‘COLE English Playgroups’ in a room in her and her husband’s home in Weingartnerstrasse 108, 6020 Innsbruck (Sieglanger).

Originally aimed at Austrian children aged 3 to 6 it soon attracted children from all over the world whose families were living in and around Innsbruck. Afternoon English courses for children aged 6 to 10 were soon introduced and ‘COLE English Playgroups’ became ‘COLE English Centre for Kids’ and is now registered as ‘COLE International Schools’. 

The interest in the English Pre-school for 3 to 6 year olds grew and in 1999/2000 a large, friendly room was built onto the house. Although the house became a little bigger it is still a family home where the feel and atmosphere have always remained homely, friendly and welcoming.

The already well-renowned COLE English Pre-school programme is regularly up-dated and playful learning elements in German have been introduced to accommodate for a more bilingual approach.

Most importantly the house with garden and park offers a homely and safe environment for children to learn and develop in.


‘My aim has always been to channel children’s natural curiosity into a positive learning experience – to encourage academic learning in all subjects as well as promote tolerance, empathy, morality and good manners.’ R.E. Ladner-Cole, MA  (1989)


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