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Primary School admits children aged 6 to 10 throughout the school year.

Neither English nor German language knowledge is required for acceptance into COLE Primary School.

The primary school offers its ‘blue winged’ primary students a safe and happy place of academic and science orientated learning where children will also be taught literacy in both English and German simultaneously. Instruction contains elements of both the Austrian and British curricula. Lessons are held in both languages by our qualified, native-speaker teachers.

The primary school is spread over two spacious classrooms, dedicated to English and German respectively. They are also well-stocked with educational equipment for the entire curriculum. There is a large "playfield" for play and sports, with plenty of outdoor toys and games.

In primary school we endeavour to keep each class to a maximum of 16 students and with two qualified teaching staff in order to ensure qualitative learning. Our qualified teachers use an eclectic methodology as well as following the British and Austrian curricula.

We are pleased to say that we are also a teacher training facility for Erasmus students. We enjoy the diversity and co-operation that trainee teachers from universities in Europe bring to the primary school.

As is customary in British schools, our children will also wear a designated school uniform. A simple uniform (white shirt/polo tops, navy jeans/trousers/skirt, navy blue jumper/fleece) is obligatory and primary school crests for clothing can be purchased in the office at a cost price of 2 Euros/piece. Emblems must be attached on the left breast pocket of shirts and jumpers. As this clothing is readily available in most clothing shops parents are free to buy from whichever store they prefer.

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