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Rosemarie E. Ladner-Cole, MA


Rosemarie E. Ladner-Cole


Born in London, England, UK on the 12th April 1955.

Father British, mother Austrian.

British and Austrian nationalities. Languages English native and fluent German.

Grew up and lived in England until 1975. Travelled around Europe and settled in Tirol in the winter of 1975/76. Married to OStR. Mag. rer. nat. Wolfgang C. A. Ladner.

Founder of ‘Advertising Agency Ladner’, ‘COLE English Pre-school’ and ‘COLE International Schools’.

British qualifications:

British high school ‘O’ & ‘A’ levels exams (Matura).

MA = Masters Degree in English Language Teaching, University of East London, UK.

CACHE = British teacher and headmistress qualification for children aged 0 to 6, England, UK.

Austrian qualifications:

Diploma in Commercial Art (summa cum laude).

Qualified advertising consultant and planer.

Qualified teacher for commercial office apprentices.


2010-2011 award winner of the ‘Kerry Dodd Prize for Linguistics’, University of East London, England, UK.


Reading books on quantum physics & astrophysics, and travelling.

Regular short trips back home to England, UK.

Other travels include: Argentina, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, India, Italy, Lichtenstein. Luxembourg, Namibia, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK, US (East and West Coasts), Viet Nam, Zimbabwe ... and many others still to come, I hope.


Andrew Webber, MA


Claudia Abfalterer

British. Born 1989 in England.

Languages: Native English, Intermediate German.

Andrew has a BA in Classics (Latin & Ancient Greek) and a MA in Ancient History from the University of Liverpool.

Having found his passion in teaching at University, he taught at both primary and secondary private schools in England, teaching Latin, History, and Ancient Greek to children aged 8-18.

Andrew and his wife, a native Austrian, moved to Innsbruck in the summer of 2019 to raise their young daughter bi-lingually.

Andrew is employed as an Academic Secretary at COLE International Schools, and is looking forward to getting involved in all parts of life at COLE.


Dr. Claudia Schwarz


Dr. Claudia Schwarz


Austrian. Born 1979 in Austria.

Languages: German native and professional English.

Studied English, philosophy, psychology and pedagogy at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. She finished her teacher training and worked as an assistant professor at the Department of American Studies at Innsbruck University where she graduated with a PhD in 2008. Claudia studied in London, UK and did research in various places in the USA. Since 2012 Claudia has worked as managing director at a think tank in Upper Austria and supports the team of COLE International Schools as honorary headmistress.


Judith Zuchna, BEd


Judith Zuchna, BEd

Austrian. Born 1994 in Salzburg, Austria.

Languages: German, fluent English and Spanish.

After her school education Judith moved from Salzburg to Innsbruck where she attended the Teacher Training College and gained her BEd in primary education. Judith also obtained a certificate in teaching German as a foreign langage from the Goethe Institute.

Before taking on the position as a German teacher at COLE International Schools Judith worked as a volunteer in a children's centre in South Africa.

German teacher at COLE International School.


Mary Karacalik, BA & PGCE


Mary Karacalik

British. Born 1958 in England.

Languages: English native, fluent German and Turkish.

Mary has a BA in German Studies from the University of Lancaster, England and a PGCE in Primary Education from Christchurch College, Canterbury, England.

Over the last nineteen years Mary has been employed as a primary school teacher in a British primary school near London where she also completed further education in maths, phonics and literacy. She also taught English for a number of years in Germany and Turkey.

Mary is enjoying her new school environment and life in beautiful Tirol.


Siobhan Moore-Lynch, BA


Naomi Kennedy

British. Born 1990 in England.

Languages: English native and Spanish.

Siobhan has a BA in Primary Education from the University of Roehampton. After graduating, she worked as a primary school teacher in England before moving to Spain where she continued her teaching career, working in international schools in Barcelona and Madrid. Siobhan has a sporting background and while training to be a teacher, she worked as a sports coach where she taught a range of different sports and helped children to develop both their social and physical skills.


Sophie Ruthven, MA


British. Born 1991 in the UK

Languages: English native, fluent German and Swedish

Sophie has a Master's Degree in German and Scandinavian Studies from the University of Edinburgh and a CELTA certificate. She is currently undertaking further studies in Linguistics at the University of Salzburg via distance learning.

After graduating, Sophie worked in various countries and eventually came to Tyrol to be a ski instructor. She then moved to Moscow to teach English to young children and teenagers. Having now returned to Austria, she is looking forward to helping children gain a broad and well-rounded educational experience at COLE International Schools.


Patrizia Grawe


Patrizia Grawe

Austrian. Born 1984 in Tirol, Austria.

Languages: German native, fluent English and Spanish.

Patrizia is a professional actress, singer and speaker. When she was a child, she discovered her passion for music and started learning the piano. She also plays flute, ukulele and guitar. At the age of 14 she stepped onto the stage for the first time as a musical performer.

Patrizia successfully completed Drama Studies in Vienna and has performed in various theatre productions in Vienna and Tirol. After moving back to Tirol with her family she began focusing more on music and has performed in musicals as well as dramatics. Patrizia also works as a voice and speech coach as well as a freelance singer.

We are pleased to have Patrizia at COLE International Schools as a music teacher.


Samuel Eke


Samuel Eke

Austrian. Born 1998 in Innsbruck, Austria.

Languages: German native, fluent English and basic Italian.

Samuel is studying medicine at the Medical University of Innsbruck and is aspiring to become a paediatric surgeon. He gained valuable experience whilst volunteering as a teaching assistant in South Africa before joining COLE International Schools as a teacher for integrated science.

Apart from his medicine studies he is passionate about neuroscience and psychology. Using his knowledge and interests in the diverse sciences, Samuel is looking forward to motivating the pupils with exciting and educational lessons in integrated science.

We are very pleased to have Sam on board with us at COLE International Schools.


Christina Schwarz


Christina Schwarz


Austrian. Born 1993 in Austria.

Languages: German native.

Since February 2019, Christina has been professionally ensuring that the premises at COLE International Schools are spotless.

In her free time she likes to go hiking and spends lots of time with her dog in nature.

We are happy to welcome Christina in our team.






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