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Up-date 24.03.2020

Good news!

Our pre-school and primary school have been informed by the Department of Health that we are all clear and it is fine for us to resume our services for those in need of child-care  -  as mentioned below. 

We are all looking forward to the day when the government reopens all the schools and we see 'our' children again.

In the meantime - look after yourselves and stay healthy.



As of Monday, 16th March 2020, we ask everyone to keep children at home until after the Easter holidays, 15th April 2020. Self-isolation please (as pronounced by the government), but to NOT have older people (grandparents) or people with underlying health problems look after them.

If you have absolutely no way of leaving them at home the government has made schools remain open to accomodate for care.

To date NOBODY amongst the staff here at COLE International Schools has had symtoms or been tested positive for the virus. This does not mean that nobody will be in the future! We also make a point of YOUR responsibility to inform us should you or any of your family or any people you have been in close proximity to have been tested positive for the virus to inform us IMMEDIATELY! Thank you for your cooperation.

Please also remember that Rosie is one of those people who are in the higher risk group!


In this section we will inform you of any news and any upcoming events taking place in the near future. Please also refer to our calendar pages.

There is also a page with current employment opportunities.

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