Rosemarie E. Ladner-Cole, MA

Born in London, England, UK on the 12th April 1955.

Father British, mother Austrian.

British and Austrian nationalities. Languages English native and fluent German.

Grew up and lived in England until 1975. Travelled around Europe and settled in Tirol in the winter of 1975/76. Married to OStR. Mag. rer. nat. Wolfgang C. A. Ladner.

Founder of ‘Advertising Agency Ladner’, ‘COLE English Pre-school’ and ‘COLE International Schools’.

British qualifications:

British high school ‘O’ & ‘A’ levels exams (Matura).

MA = Masters Degree in English Language Teaching, University of East London, UK.

CACHE = British teacher and headmistress qualification for children aged 0 to 6, England, UK.

Austrian qualifications:

Diploma in Commercial Art (summa cum laude).

Qualified advertising consultant and planer.

Qualified teacher for commercial office apprentices.


2010-2011 award winner of the ‘Kerry Dodd Prize for Linguistics’, University of East London, England, UK.


Reading books on quantum physics & astrophysics, and travelling.

Regular short trips back home to England, UK.

Other travels include: Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Nepal, India, USA (East and West coasts), France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Lichtenstein, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece ... and many others still to come, I hope.


Claudia Abfalterer

Austrian. Born 1977 in Innsbruck, Austria.

Languages: German native and business English.

Practice-orientated, commercial business apprenticeship.

Claudia has a degree in event management and is a certified vitality coach. She gained private school administrative know-how and knowledge during her last employment position. She spent a year in England as an au pair where she attended Greenwich College langauge school in London.

Claudia is the school secretary at COLE International Schools. 


Dr. Claudia Schwarz

Austrian. Born 1979 in Austria.

Languages: German native and professional English.

Studied English, philosophy, psychology and pedagogy at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. She finished her teacher training and worked as an assistant professor at the Department of American Studies at Innsbruck University where she graduated with a PhD in 2008. Claudia studied in London, UK and did research in various places in the USA. Since 2012 Claudia has worked as managing director at a think tank in Upper Austria and supports the team of COLE International Schools as honorary headmistress.


Judith Zuchna, BEd

Austrian. Born 1994 in Salzburg, Austria.   

Languages: German, fluent English and Spanish.

After her school education Judith moved from Salzburg to Innsbruck where she attended  the Teacher Training College and gained her BEd in primary education. Judith also obtained a certificate in teaching German as a foreign langage from the Goethe Institute.

Before taking on the position as a German teacher at COLE International Schools Judith worked as a volunteer in a children's centre in South Africa.

German teacher at COLE International School.

Theresa Bilgeri, BEd

Austrian. Born 1993 in Vorarlberg, Austria.   

Languages: German and fluent English

BEd in primary education at the Teacher Training College in Innsbruck, Tirol

Theresa spent a year in America as an au pair and also time working in an Ethiopian orphanage on a volunteer programme.

German teacher at COLE International School. 

Mary Karacalik, BA & PGCE

British. Born 1958 in England.

Languages: English native, fluent German and Turkish.


Mary has a BA in German Studies from the University of Lancaster, England and a PGCE in Primary Education from Christchurch College, Canterbury, England.

Over the last nineteen years Mary has been employed as a primary school teacher in a British primary school near London where she also completed further education in maths, phonics and literacy. She also taught English for a number of years in Germany and Turkey.

Mary is enjoying her new school environment and life in beautiful Tirol.


Katie Maynard, BSc 

British. Born 1992 in England.

Languages: English native and basic German.


Katie has a BSc in Business Management and Marketing from Cardiff University, England. Over the last years she has been working with children in diverse teaching roles which is where she discovered her passion for teaching children.


After recently relocating to Tirol Katie gained a position with COLE International Schools as a native teaching assistant in COLE English Pre-school.


James Crick

British. Born in London, England in 1988

Languages: English native, advanced Portugese and basic German.

Jim is a native English speaker from London who has been working with international children since 2010. He started predominantly in sports coaching at a primary level then moved into teaching English as a foreign language while he was living in Brazil volunteering with underprivileged children. During his time there he developed his ability to adapt to different cultures whilst also learning the Portuguese language. Jim finished secondary school with seven GCSEs and three NVQs. He has a passion for the development and growth of children and relishes the challenges that accompany working with young learners. Jim is employed part-time in COLE International Schools - English Pre-school.

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Doris Gruenes, MSc

Ausrian. Born in Austria in 1975

Languages: German native, fluent English.

Originally from Innsbruck, Doris spent 23 years abroad before returning to her hometown in August 2017. She spent 18 years living in London where she completed her Bachelor and Master degrees in Fashion Promotion and Interactive Multimedia respectively. She also lived in Southeast Asia for 5 years where she had the opportunity to travel extensively in the region and beyond, from China to Australia.

Doris is a mother of two and since having children of her own has been actively involved in various capacities at British Primary and Secondary schools assisting inside and outside of the classroom. She particularly enjoys working with younger children and is excited about her new role as part of the team at COLE International Pre-School.

Doris is employed part-time in COLE International Schools – English Pre-school.


Lorenz Messmer

German. Born in Memmingen, Germany in 1992.

Languages: native German, fluent English.

Lorenz is a student at the University of Medicine in Innsbruck. He has also spent time in New Zealand and South Africa.

Lorenz has been working with children in his home town church youth club since the age of 16 and is now enjoying  working with younger children in a more educational environment.

Lorenz is employed part-time in COLE International Schools – English Pre-school.


Lucy Stephens, BA

British. Born in 1994 in Wales, UK.

Languages: native English, intermediate German.

 Lucy has a BA in English Literature and Linguistics from The University of Nottingham, England. She has worked with High School students in both the mainstream and those with ASD where she found a passion for working with children to help them reach their potential.  Lucy has recently moved to Innsbruck and is currently learning German in order to study at the University of Innsbruck. She is enjoying her new experience working with young children.

Lucy is employed part-time in COLE International Schools, English Pre-school.


Lucas Maunz, BSc

German. Born 1992 in Germay.

Languages: German native, fluent English.


Lucas is a BSc graduate in Psychology and is currently pursuing his MSc in Psychology at the University of Innsbruck. He is passionate about technology, electronics and programming and has worked as a student associate for technologically-based companies, such as Siemens AG and ZF Friedrichshafen AG. In addition, Lucas is skilled in the use of computer programmes like Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, etc. and has used these skills for personal and university projects.

As of the school year 2017/2018 Lucas is employed as an IT teacher. We are very pleased to welcome Lucas on board.


Anna-Maria Weber

Austrian. Born 1993 in Tirol, Austria.


Languages: German native, fluent English & Spanish and basic French.

Anna is studying to become a Sport and Maths teacher at the University of Innsbruck. For over 5 years, she has been training adults and children of all ages gymnastics as well as working in various adventure camps.

In her spare time Anna enjoys active sports. Her favourites include climbing, mountaineering and biking. During the holidays she loves to travel abroad.

We are very pleased to welcome Anna, as our sports teacher, to COLE International Schools.


Carmen Tannich-Wallner

Austrian. Born 1979 in Austria.

Languages: German native and good English.


Carmen is a professional singer and percussionist, studio and session singer, vocal coach, and songwriter. She spends her time working in Austria and Germany.

We are very pleased to have won Carmen as a music teacher for the children in COLE International Schools.


Samuel Eke

Austrian. Born 1998 in Innsbruck, Austria.

Languages: German native, fluent English and basic Italian.

Samuel is studying medicine at the Medical University of Innsbruck and is aspiring to become a paediatric surgeon. He gained valuable experience whilst volunteering as a teaching assistant in South Africa before joining COLE  International Schools as a teacher for integrated science.

Apart from his medicine studies he is passionate about neuroscience and psychology. Using his knowledge and interests in the diverse sciences, Samuel is looking forward to motivating the pupils with exciting and educational lessons in integrated science.

We are very pleased to have Sam on board with us at COLE International Schools.